Some trouble with some art work

Occasionally I need to change/modify the art-work file that reflects the from of the CD itself.

IFor example, I have an mp3 that has 10 tracks, and I have originally added the same art-work to each track,

When I place the file and tracks on my phone, using Poweramp Full, everything works fine.

If I want to change the art work for the whole mp3 and its contacts, I go to each track, delete the existing art work and paste the new cover, which I save. I then do the same for each track, and can check this by selecting each track individually and seeing the new cover attached. I have then deleted the whole of the original mp3 on my phone, and copied over the amended file with the changed artwork.

Mostly when I do this, there is no problem, but occasionally the fmp3 still shows the earlier artwork.. I try deleting the original file, both on my phone, and via my PC on my phone, in order to clear any remnants of the ogiinal. But htis doesn't help. I have fully rescanned the library and emptied the Poweramp cache, but it still seems that somewhere 'bits' of the original artwork stubbornly remain on my phone.

Any I deas where I'm goin wrong?

Many thanks, in anticipation,


I would post this on the Poweramp forum. But I do know for each album, that app only uses the first artwork when browsing. Perhaps there is a setting while playing to prefer the embedded art by track?