Some UI suggestions


Program is really nice, thanks :slight_smile: (however it needs some time to get used to :slight_smile: )

Here are some thoughts I came across when trying it out.

  1. How about tooltips in files table? At least for the values not fitting in column width (the ones that end with periods). But it would be even better to have a possibility to specify tooltip format (usually I do not need a Path column but having this info together with the file size, etc. in tooltip would be great)

  2. It would be convenient to be able to switch program language right from program menu, not just during setup. Just consider that program can be used by two different people and they want to have it in different languages.

  3. You might find reasonable to move Folder history combo above the files table. This will make working with long paths more convenient (while having tag fields of reasonable width). Besides it will keep Folder combo visible when Tag input mask is hidden.
    And then move Change directory button to the right of Folder combo :wink:
    BTW, how about path auto-completion in that combo? Not just from history items but from the real folders hierarchy (just like in Run box, Win+R).

  4. In the Actions dialog the word "Actions" is repeated 3 times. :slight_smile: Besides when there are many actions (like CD-R e.g.) horizontal scrollbar appears just because of vertical scrollbar. :frowning: Is it possible to avoid adding horizontal scrolling unless it's really necessary?
    BTW, actions list on Actions dialog has empty "column caption" while list on Actions options page doesn't - you might want to make them uniform. :wink:
    And finally, how about changing options page "Actions" to "Action presets" - just to have different wording for "simple" actions like Replace and their complicated combinations.

cache of directory reading

Hi Sabio!

Thanks for your long feedback! It's very appreciated :slight_smile:

  1. I'll add standard tooltips to the file view with the next release.

  2. & 3. I'll add these on my internal wishlist

  3. You can resize the dialog at the lower right corner, so the horizontal scroll bar won't show the next time.

I'm not sure if "Action presets" is the right wording - maybe "Action group" or "Action set" would be better?

Best regars,
~ Florian


I'd go for "Action group".


Resizing window does not help. :frowning: Because column is resized too. So the next time window is opened - it's bigger but vertical scrollbar again takes column space so the horizontal scrollbar appears again. :frowning:
Actually it's not that important - just a minor issue. :slight_smile:
(For me such "no-reason" horizontal scrolling claims that program is not polished enough :wink: However I can't say it about Mp3tag :slight_smile: )

  1. One more feature I've seen somewhere: when pressing Ctrl-S and there's only one file selected tag is saved and selection moves to the next file while focus is still in tag editor. So one can easily updated files one by one.
    (Confirmation message box can be skipped in this case since it's almost useless for a single file)

  2. How about making file properties dialog resizable? Paths of some my files does not fit. :frowning:
    Besides value labels could be stretched up to the right border of group box (it seems there are some space left in vain).

  3. You could display a check mark against the sorted column name is Sort by menu. (or even an arrow to show curent sort direction as well :slight_smile: )

  1. Is it possible to have options for removing specific type of tags in context menu? (like cascaded menu or something) Going to Options every time (just to be sure you will delete the right tags) is pretty cumbersome.

You could just add toggle buttons to toolbar for IDv1, ID3v2, APE. So that all operations will only concern selected tags. I.e. read, write and delete will only act on tags currently selected.
This besides will allow easy switching table display from ID3v1 to ID3v2 and back.

  1. Is there any simple way to copy ID3v1 tags to ID3v2 tags (and vice versa)?
    I know that I can read just ID3v1 and write both ID3v1 and ID3v2 but going to Options (again) just to copy tags... it makes me frustrated. :frowning:

  1. When having multiple files selected and if all those files have the same value in some tag field you could display that value in corresponding field at Tag input mask. I think it will be more convenient than "" value.
    (btw, why tag input mask? why not Tag fields or something? :slight_smile: )


I'll try to find a solution on this.

I think I'll add this too :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian


I disagree on that. I think it's more convenient to know that the tag fields for multiple file won't get changed than knowing that they all have the same content. Adding different behaviour based on the tag fields content might confuse people.

This is from the first translation of the german language file. I'd prefer Tag Panel now. Anyone agrees/disagrees?

Thanks for your feedback!

~ Florian


I think that Sabio's suggestion isn't bad. I mean, if really all files have the same information, you can display that instead of the variables. If I am not mistaken, that is what the extended tag dialog showing all other fields does as well. :slight_smile:

I agree. :wink:

  1. How about "per field" override? E.g. when ID3v2 does not have a year specified and ID3v1 does I'd like to see that year in the table even though all other fields are taken from ID3v2 (otherwise I'd just remove "read" check against ID3v1 :wink: ).
    Apart of it's visual effect it also will prevent from accidentially deleting such "hidden" fields when saving tags.

  2. Please consider moving Tag panel to the bottom. I can afford seeing less files but I'd like to see as many columns as possible. (you might have already noticed - I hate horizontal scrolling :wink: )
    And toggling Tag panel on and off is not very usable. :frowning:

  3. I believe Year and Track fields need less resizing weight than Genre field. I.e. when resizing Tag panel I'd like Genre to "grow" faster than Year & Track since two latter have almost fixed width values (you might even want to make them unresizable :wink: ).

  4. I'm sure it would look nicer if check marks in menu did not have a border. :slight_smile:

  5. Some tagging programs have an option for ID3v2 tag padding. So that next time you update the tag most likely it won't grow. Saving tag in such case is performed much faster. Does Mp3tag has something alike?


MP3Tag pads ID3v2 tags by default


Any way to turn that off?


Why would you want to do that?

Anyways, IIRC, the ability to disable padding was removed in a past version.


No, this is not possible. I also think that this is not needed, because Mp3tag pads the ID3v2 tag size to fit in the filesystems cluster size. This space would be unusable otherwise.

Edit: Sebastian is right, this was an option in a past version of Mp3tag, but I removed it.

Best regards,
~ Florian


You can drag the tag panel on the "gripper" and put it to the bottom. You can even leave it floating - it's a dockable window :slight_smile:

I'll not comment on all your suggestions, because I simply cannot throw 15 - sometimes very difficult to implement - decisions in two days, but I will read all of them.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Edit: Fixed a typo...


Didn't even dare to think it can be so simple. :slight_smile:
Ahh.. I wish other developers make their programs such admirable too. :slight_smile:
Thanks again!


Once I've tagged a file, I rarely edit them.

That's a very smart way to do it. I don't feel bad about "wasted" space now.


I think it would be really great if you added the following:

  1. Grid lines for the main window to make things alittle easier to follow, The Godfather and other database/batch tagging tools do this and I think it would help users to keep track of where they are in a list of songs. [See the screenshot]

  2. A panel that groups the songs in alphabetical order and is subdivided by artist, album, genre, take a look at the screenshot I attatched see how it has the windows explorer exapandable folder things that is what I would like to see. [Also please make an option to have this be case sensitive, I use a digital audio player when not at my computer and the database is case sensitive, also when making playlists with Irivium ir Anapod the sql queries are case sensitive in nature as well. Having the option for mp3tags tree view to be case sensitive would make it alot easier to spot case related errors in song tags.]

  3. As I stated in the thread by Damian having a Library would make run time alot faster, instead of rereading everything on load every single time, there should just be a scan/rescan button or hotkey just in case there have been changes.

I would just like to say that I love your program its very powerful without being to cluttered or gaudy, I just really need those three things and this program would be effectively perfect. For me at least.)

Ps. I was about to also ask that you allow the user to delete files from the HDD using mp3tag but I see you already can. :slight_smile:(


On my NTFS partition cluster size is 4096. However some mp3s after saving ID3v2 tags have sizes aligned on 2048. And you've told that file size is aligned to cluster size when saving ID3v2. Any additional remarks?
Besides Mp3tag does not perform realignment if file already had ID3v2 tag before. :frowning:
Moreover ID3v2 tag is not removed when saving "small" tag with "v2 only if v1 too small" option enabled. :frowning:
To my mind this should be changed: I want my tags optimally padded and want v2 tags to be removed automatically when they are not necessary (at least that group in options is called Write not Add - so Mp3tag should not write v2 tags unless condition is met).

Below are the new improvement proposals. I must say first that all these were found in V.2.25 - I did not have V.2.27 there and there were no Internet connection to download it.
However now I've looked through the changes history and didn't find these mentioned there.

  1. "Russian" in the list of languages in installer is in English. While other languages listed in their native spelling (e.g. Francias, not French). Russian word for "Russian" is "Русский".

  2. To my mind wording everywhere in the program should be as self-explanatory and 'natural' as possible. Consider the following cases:
    Subfolders -> Display files in subfolders
    Don't sort case sensitive -> Sort case insensitive/Case insensitive sorting
    Formatstring -> Format string
    Filename -> File name
    Folderpath -> Folder path
    Please enter your eMail-address under 'options, freedb, server'. It will be used for logging of access to freedb-Server. -> Please enter youe e-mail address under Options > freedb > Server. It will be used for logging of access to freedb server.
    Favorite directory -> Favorite folder (it's more common phrase; you might also want to replace other "directory" word usages to "folder")
    Preserve timestamps of modified files -> Preserve file modification time when saving tags
    Standard-Program -> Default tool (btw, you might want to align right and left borders of a tools combo against the list above it :slight_smile:

  3. Yet another sound assumption is that default program settings (the ones that activated right after installation) provide optimal program configuration. Here I speak about columns' widths and order. What's the reason to have all the columns of equal width initially when such columns as Year, Bitrate, Track, Length require much less space?
    So it's obvious that they are always resized every time when the program is run by a new user. So why not provide optimal default width settings?
    Concerning the order of columns it's more practical to have narrow columns displayed before some wider column since it provides more information at smaller window sizes (consider 800x600 screen resolution).
    E.g. my configuration has the columns in the following order: Filename, Title, Artist, Album, Track, Length, Bitrate, Year, Genre, Comment. So even at 800x600 I can see almost all song info (except for Comment field).

  4. Is that intentional that Year column is not marked as numeric by default?

  5. Is it ok for numeric Bitrate column to have no "Sort by" specified?

  6. Consider adding "Undock Tag panel" option. When at 800x600 it's almost impossible to have both main window and undocked Tag panel displayed. :frowning: Besides someone might want to have Tag panel at lower right corner over a program window for example, undocked to avoid resizing it to the whole window width.

22 When not editing tags in file view Enter should behave the same way as doubleclick (i.e. launch Default tool). This is especially important due to doubleclick in most places starts cell editing.

  1. In file view context menu there is a default (bold) Play action. It is executed on doubleclicks unless Default tool is configured. But once the tool is configured doubleclick launches the tool while Play still runs system command associated with file extension.
    This is a bit confusing. IMHO Play item should be removed from context menu. Or at least to be renamed to something like Run and should execute the same command as doubleclick.
    For most users' experience default (bold) action is the one that is executed on doubleclick.

  2. Please add Alt-Enter shortcut for displaying file properties.

  3. Could you please add items keyboard shortcuts info to file view context menu and toolbar buttons hints?

  4. When opening folder selection dialog (Ctrl-D, Copy, Move) you should set keyboard focus to folders tree rather than OK button.

  5. Actions button icon calls more for some font function rather then "actions". Please consider replacing it with more appropriate image.

  6. When editing format string it will be more convenient if example below used info of a real song (your most favorite? :slight_smile: rather than "Artist", "Title", etc. words. Besides you could process functions calls as well. Just compare:
    "$num("Track",2). Artist - Title" vs "03. Dido - Life For Rent"

  7. Instead of a syntax reference window for format string you could implement quick pick popup menu like the one on attached screenshot. Along with placeholders' items you could put there items for all the available functions.
    Upon launching such item corresponding text should be inserted to the format string at cursor position.
    Please consider the same improvement for columns setup fields.

  8. How about moving Options > General and Options > Messages options pages to upper level? IMHO item Options in Options tree is superfluous.

  9. What is the reason to have Load tags - Save tags gap at General options page?

  10. Toggling "Show current folder path in window title" does not have immediate result - title is updated only after changing current folder.

  11. When switching to the next line upon pressing Enter during edit in file view selection (gray background) should follow the editor. It will help following other columns' values of the file being edited.

  12. After moving selection in file view with keyboard (Up/Down arrows) it is necessary to click twice to start editing a field. While after moving selection with a single click it requires only one extra click to start editing.

  13. Does "Save tag" file view context menu item makes any sense? I couldn't imagine the situation when it can be usefull/convenient.
    When editing tags for multiple files it's always more convenient to press Ctrl-S. Besides you could add Save button right to Tag panel - it will be more obvious than Save tag in context menu.

  14. What about "Rename" context menu item? Is it necessary while user needs just to click twice on a file name to start editing it.
    BTW, "Rename" item is useless when Filename column is not displayed - you might want to popup an input dialog upon launching Rename action :wink:

  15. Please add "View tags" item to file view context menu.

  16. Combo popup for Save mode on Tags options page could be taller to display all three items at once. Currently it displayes only one item and needs to be scrolled to discover others.

  17. Pressing Tab during editing the last editable column could move editor to the first
    editable column of a next file.

  18. What's for in %APPDATA%\Mp3tag? Isn't it the reason for Mp3tag closing taking so long time?

  1. How about conditional coloring of the file view entries? For example I'd like to display songs with low bitrates in red and to set yellow background for entries with ID3v2 tag present.
    Sometimes it's more preferable to color value in a separate column rather then the whole row (like in case with low bitrate). But for the first time whole row coloring will do. And later column specific coloring can be added to columns setup (in case both settings present column coloring should override row coloring, IMO).