Some WAV Files Are Tagged While Others Are NOT

Does anybody know why MP3TAG can tag some WAV files but not all? I tagged all of Legends Never Die, which was in WAV format, with covert art, album, everything it needed. I'm confused as to why I can't tag other WAV files that are official as well. Any help?

What do you call "official"?

There is also the possibility that you do not have the rights for changing the content.

So, for the WAV files I was able to edit, I got them when I purchased some merchandise from an official rapper's website (Juice WRLD). I was able to edit all metadata for these WAV files but not some other WAV files that were also official. That's what I mean by official. I find it strange that I can do it for some, but not all.

So did you check the access rights for the files you cannot edit or tried to rewrite them i.e with ffmpeg?