Sometimes Mptag doesn't show correct 'cover varies' message

I prefer to have no cover art in my mp3 files. Files I buy / download / import often do have front covers embedded in the mp3 tags. I attempt to delete, and the easiest way should be to select all files, look at the tag panel, note that 'cover varies' and then right click to remove, followed by 'save'
When I select a single track / just one album I see the cover.

When I select 3 albums 2 of which have covers I see 'cover varies'. I am able to see something like 140 tracks / 15 albums and I still see 'cover varies'.

When I select more than that, or all tracks (ctrl-A) the 'cover varies' message vanishes. I'm looking at 232 files, in 32 folders.

If I right-click the file panel, and choose 'extended tags' the 'cover varies' message is there.
Or, it is this week. In previous weeks, looking at different files, sometimes the words are missing, despite some files still having embedded cover art.
It looks like the code for 'cover varies' in the tag panel and in the 'extended tags' popup window must be different?
This is a very minor problem because I can simply select less files, then delete covers. But it's a pain to have to check and delete multiple times.

See ' Cannot remove cover art in 2.74' February '16

I think the best way would be to apply a filter with
%_covers% PRESENT
and then treat only those files.

Or you can add an additional column in the file view with the content "Number of covers embedded", in Mp3tag called %_covers%

Then you can see the embedded covers for as many loaded tracks at once. You can also sort by this column.

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I tried it with some 20,000 files and after the "busy" cursor was gone the tag panel showed "cover varies" ... So I don't know what is going on.
Just out of interest: do you use the library function? I do.

%_covers% filter and new covers column are both good work-arounds. Thanks very much. I am now finding lots of old files with covers ....
I reported the same problem years ago and I'm on a different computer, different version windows, different version of mp3tag, and this VERY MINOR problem still crops up. Win 10, MPTag v3.10. One for Florian if he thinks it's worth the time ... I wonder if it's to do with locale if others don't see it? (in Windows I'm UK English; code page 850)
PS I run mp3tag with the library turned off. That's because I have serious amounts of music on file - something like 34k files of Bach alone ... enough to make mp3tag library choke on its cup of tea.

v3.05 :slight_smile:

It's actually the other way round: the more files you have, the more desperately you need the library turned on as it optimizes memory consumption.
So it could be worth a try if it works better with the library turned on as the library also saves image information.

Can you check if the "Cover varies" label disappears at some point during subsequent selection of the test files you've mentioned?

If it stays until you reach the last file, are there any other steps involved — besides selection — that might contribute to the issue?

Hi Florian
I tried selecting more and more files, and yes, the 'cover varies' message disappeared in the tag panel once I had selected 140 files. It remained like that if I delected more (or all) files. I can confirm that I could select all files and when I selected 'extended tags' I did see 'cover varies'.
I can use either work-around suggested by other posters in this forum, but I wanted you to know that the tag panel and extended tags seem to behave differently.
I have removed cover art from my current patch of files, but I have more purchases/downloads and will try to check again this weekend. Some of these downloads are mp3 but most are flac and I bulk convert them using foobar prior to correcting tags using mp3tag.

I simply cannot reproduce it. I just selected 356 files adding chunks of a about 80 files at a time and the display of "cover varies" stayed.
So it would be interesting to either see the 140th file and what is different about that or to learn more about your environment:
do you have the files locally?
Do other programs access the files at the same time (so that reading the tags gets delayed)?
Which types of files are these?
Did you check the files for integrity with the known tools?

Some files are ripped from CD. Others are flac or mp3 downloads. This week I have new files - 163 files over 12 folders, and all flac. I loaded them into mp3tag and all but one had embedded cover art.
I then loaded them into foobar2000 and converted them into mp3 320 quality. Foobar's mp3 tag settings are here:
During that process all the text tags came across but none of the cover art.
Occasionally I get flac fils with no tags, and therefore Foobar's 'untagged files' options would apply. How would mp3tag handle some files that contain both ID3v2 and ID3V1 tags?
When I loaded the mp3 versions into mp3tag it correctly reported no cover art.
Therefore I will have to wait for new mp3 files which include cover art. These are becoming less common nowadays.

As tag data is mapped to the internal representation of tag fields (and there can only be one) depening on the settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg you would probably end up with the contents of ID3V2.x tags to be displayed.

Even though you explained at length what you do, it hardly answers any of the questions to narrow down the cause of your initial claim:
What was different with the 140th file which had a cover but did not show it?
Do you have the files locally?
Do other programs access the files at the same time (so that reading the tags gets delayed)?
Which types of files are these?
Did you check the files for integrity with the known tools ?