song attributes wont change no matter what!!!


I have an album which has songs from a previous album + 2 new songs.

whenever I play them on wmp, only the new ones have the correct cover and album name.

So I thought of using mp3tag in order to change it as I want to.

But no matter what the result will always be the same:

:frowning: the info is okay in mp3tag though

What can I do ??

Sorry for my bad english!

This is no Mp3tag problem.
You have to update the WMP 12 library.
Proceed as follows:
Delete the track from WMP (only remove from the library but not permanently from the file system. Set the options accordingly).
Select Extras>Options>Restore deleted elements.
The just deleted element should reappear with updated information.

it doesnt work :frowning:(

I have already deleted all the library, deleted cache, everything and for some odd reason it will not change!! even if I uncheck the add files to library (or something like that) the name and the album artwork appear as the picture i provided. I already deleted all tags in mp3tag.

what could be happening?

Block WMP's internet access: in the options>Data Security> "Retrieve information from the network".
Also block WMP's internet access in your firewall.

Check in MP3tag in Extras>Tools>Mpeg that you only read and write Mp3 tags (and not APE). APE may only be deleted.

yea, it is not working either :frowning:

i just transferred the file to another pc, and it still shows the wrong cover, name song and album, even though i changed it before to britney spears lol :frowning: so im guessing its not my pc but the mp3 itself... is it corrupt or something? how can i fix it


to reiterate: You are SURE that you have only ID3 tags (no APE tags) and you have only one ID3 tag (ID3v2.3). Add this custom column to your mp3tag (right click on column headings, customize, and click on "new", give it the name "Tag Type" and then enter the following as the value. Leave field and sort by blank:

%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]

what tag or tags does mp3tag show for this file with wrong info. I suspect more than one type and you're changing only one and the other program is reading the other.

yea, tag and tag type are both ID2v2.3

It shows the album artwork wrong, the name of the album, and the name of the song.

I changed it to toxic from britney (not real details) and it still shows as the picture I posted..

even when i opened with alplayer, although the artist and song name were fine, on the lyrics it still shows the wrong lyrics (actually they are not wrong, but If im changing the name of the artist and the song, why are the lyrics still the same)? is it reading the audio instead? :confused:


very odd then. not sure what's causing this.

p.s. where are the lyrics coming from. A tag connected with the file or being pulled from the internet based on song title and artist. In my setup (squeezeboxes) I have a lyric plugin that uses the internet for lyrics but does NOT include lyric info in the tag itself.

yes the lyrics are not embedded, and just now i went to change the lyrics in alsong and the same details from before appeared -___-

i seriously dont know what could be wrong :frowning:. Is it possible i can make another mp3 with the same audio like start from the beginning lol


Try running the file through MP3 Diags to see what shows up.

To download the program go here and click on Windows 32bit installer.

ok i run it but i dont know how to use it :slight_smile:

i opened 2 songs from the many i got that have this problem lol and the album name that is wrong appears there, now i dont know how to delete it?? here is the screen shot:


disregard my last post. i already fixed my problem . it said there were 2 tags when there should be only 1. Thank you i was really annoyed by this :smiley:

thanks!!! :laughing:

You're welcome, I'm glad you got it fixed. :slight_smile:

If you haven't done so already, you should also fix the Unknown stream error by applying the fix "Remove unknown streams".

yea thanks :smiley: