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I enjoy audio books & I prefer to combine the tracks for listening on my MP3 player. However, some of them can be quite long, i.e.: more then 24 hours long. If the incorrect amount of time is not correct, it wont allow me to FFWD or RWD if needed. It seems that the program recognizes the length because the bottom information bar shows it as (1 day, 17:24:24|...), but the "Length" is set as only 17:24:24. I have also had occasions where the length is set to 00:00.

I am not sure this is the right place to post this question but I have tried to research this with no luck. Hopefully someone will have some suggestions on how to correct this.

Try this program. Run your mp3s through it and it could help.

I would cut tracks that are longer than 24 hrs. into smaller chunks.

You could use either mp3DirectCut or Audacity to edit the files. I'd try mp3DirectCut first since it's easier to use and you don't have to convert the file to wave and then back to mp3.

I'm not sure if either program can handle a file that large so you'd have to test that yourself.

I have many Bible versions in MP3.
Hundreds of hours.
What I do is categorize each Bible version (KJV, NIV, etc) as follows:

Each Bible version is unique Artist
66 Books per Bible = 66 Albums per Artist
1 mp3 file / Title per Chapter, 1189 Chapters per Bible.

So the King James Bible is classed as a unique Artist
and 66 books = 66 Albums
with a total of 1189 chapters (1189 mp3 files).

You might be able to use this scheme in your project somehow.

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I re-read your post,
and I guess my input really did not apply at all,
but I'll leave it here for others just in case....