Song number persists


I'm very organized with my music, I like to have all my music ordered.

I have got some albums, but my biggest collection is my compilation albums. I have got some albums with lots of songs related only by the year (70s, 80s or 90s album) or by genre (rap, dance, pop, dubstep album). With these albums I like to have the songs ordred alphabetically, so I delete all song album numbers.

The problem that I have, is that I've got some songs, that still shows me the number of the song in the album. Don't mind if I keep deleting with MP3Tag, it always reappear. Im having this issue especially with WinMediaPlayer, iTunes don't use to cause problems.

I think that maybe WMP change the value of the number of the song, I have tryied to delete all the songs in my library, change all this values, and readd to the library, but it doesn't work.

Can anybody help me? Does anybody knows what the fuck is happening to my ID3 songs configuration?

Thanks you guys.

When you check the files: does wmp write new track numbers in the fields - please check this with mp3tag.

Also: are you sure that WMP has updated its library?
And: is WMP allowed to get information from the internet? If so, block WMP in the firewall.

Also, it may be an alternative to make all files read-only when playing them in WMP.

In Mp3tag go to View > Customize Columns make sure you have the "Tag" field checked. What does it say in that column for some of your tracks.

Do you have ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4 tags? Do you also have ID3v1 tags?

Yes, WMP write new track numbers because I delete them, and they return again in a few days (the time that I take to notice it)

I think that WMP has updated, because I delete all the library, and then I add it again.
IMPORTANT: The flange of "Internet retrieve additional information" was marqued, but no other related to internet conection. I have dismarqued, hope that it works.

I haven't thought about make all files read-only, it has to work

Now I have changed the values to "0" for all files, I hope that dismarquing that option it works...

I thank you a lot :music: :music:

I have "ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)" in the most part of the songs, but also "ID3v2.1 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)"

Thanks you for your interest :rolleyes:

I have changed all to IDv2.4

The reason I asked about the tag versions is that WMP uses ID3v2.3 and iTunes uses ID3v2.4. I'm not sure what you meant by

If you use iTunes as your main library I'd use ID3v2.4 tags, but if you use WMP as your main library I'd use ID3v2.3 tags because WMP can't read ID3v2.4 so it will use ID3v1 instead.

You're right, WMP couldn't read mp3 tags well, I have changed all to IDv2.3 again. With those it works for iTunes and WMP.

Thanks you :slight_smile:

Hi - I'm also a numbering pedant and I have/had the same problem. I found it was caused by having the leading zeros activated in the Numbering Wizard. Un-ticked it, then all the locked numbers disappeared.

What is the Numbering Wizard and the leading zeros?

Thanks you a lot :smiley:

You find the Numbering Wizard in the Toolbar or in the Menu Tools.
Once you have found it, the "leading zeros" will become obvious.

But: I do not think that this is really the problem with your files. I think in your case the problem arose from different tag versions (V2.4 and APE instead of V2.3).

There is a known bug in Windows explorer that treats 3-digit-numbers with leading zeros as octal numbers.

I will check if my tags stay ordered, and I will post in a few days if it worked. :slight_smile:

I have been using WMP with these changes, and it works well, my tags haven't changed their values.

I really appreciate your help. Up soon!