Song titles with special characters change when importing to Itunes

I have songs in other languages that I am trying to import into itunes (or other apps), but special accents or letters not found in English are substituted for strange characters.
the mp3tag program shows When I look at properties using mp3tag, the file name shows correct, but the TAG title shows the strange characters, How to I change 10,000 songs, so that the file name is the tag title, The folder name is correct but the album name also shows bad characters, Need to make the path / album name to show as the album name on the tag. please help thx

could you check the character encoding and make sure that you write tags with UTF character encoding (and not ISO)?

See Mp3tag settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
If the data show correctly in MP3tag, you have to rewrite the tags with the new character encoding. Press ctrl-S for that.

Thank you for writing, The songs were ripped with a bluos vault 2i CD ripper. The tag is ID3v2.3 UTF-16 I tried to change them to -8 and to ISO, but the name of the song and album name are still gibberish It looks like what I need to do is convert the file name into the song title. (and do something similar with the album name), BUt I am unfamiliar with this TAG editor, the people at BLUOS NAD/ Vault told me to use it, but then not how.

Is this the setting that you have or is this the actual character encoding?
You can add a column that shows the character encoding. Set as value %_id3v2_character_encoding% (and leave field emtpy).

Also, you could use MP3diags to convert the tags, assuming you local codepage.