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Hi all,

I'm using a tool alongside mp3 tag to set the year on my music files. I have set the date to 1984 and confirmed it shows that date using mp3tag but windows explorer shows a date of 2013. I moved to file to another computer an it's still showing the date of 2013 in windows explorer.

The tags I'm using are

            audiofile.tag.original_release_date = 1984-01-01
            audiofile.tag.recording_date = 1984

Here is how it looks -

I can't find any reference to the date 2013 inside of mp3tag. If i remove all of the tags and then set the date it's displayed inside of windows correctly.

Where could this data be stored?


What does the extended tags dialogue Alt+T show?

Please see screenshot.

still no sign of that date

And now a view at the Options Ctrl+O Tags>Mpeg: do you write IDv1 tags? Or do you only write the V2.4 tags?
You could switch reading ID3V2 tags and see what is saved in the V1 tags.

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Cool thanks. Removing V1 tags sorted the issue

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