sorry for another simple one- shorten filename

Hi, I can find the 'Shorten to 64' option andd also I found one post to shorten file names if they have 2 or more parts to them with a dividing character and it is easy enough to copy that for similar or more parts.

However, I only have one part in my file names and would like to limit them all to a set number of characters while retaining .mp3 at the end. I believe I am limited to 31 characters.

I already know that the answer to this will be dead simple but I can't figure it out.

Thank you again for your time.


Just an idea, this is the post I mentioned
shorten file names

I can not figure out what "convert filename filename" is to even begin with!

After that all his equation relies on the fact that there are 2 parts to the filenam with a seperator defining them whereas mine is just a standard title based filename e.g. 01 This Is A Song.m3p
On this example, say I went for 10 characters then I would want this as a result - 01 Thi.mp3



No worries now....

Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $left(%_ANY_FIELD_YOU_WANT%,XY)

Where XY is the numerical length of text you want [ie. 31] [Allow for .ext if necessary]

Can I please ask though that any users posting expressions/fixes in these forums state the 'Action Type' as I found most of the solutions to peoples problems in here are without any clue of what Action it should be assigned to :frowning: