sort based block tinting

I read back 3 pages of requests, sorry if this is a duplicate

The smart sorting is great... even when I sort on path it generally keeps the albums together and the tracks in the right order.
You are tinting alternate lines to make reading a row easier (thank you)
My suggestion is for a block tint like the row tint for groups of similar (as determined by your smart sort). Could be by color but I'd be just as happy with a light/dark over the existing light/dark scheme.
(eg in a dark block, the dark bars are darker than the dark bars in a light block)

I know you say you don't want an "explorer" type interface but this would help people selecting albums, etc. A little twist widget on each block (as determined by the sorter) would be even cooler (show/hide/select a block) but I expect thats too close to the explorer style interface.

love the program!