Sort by Album Art Resolution?

Is there any way to sort by the resolution of the cover art?

I see that it’s displayed in the sidebar next to the actual picture, but under columns it looks like you can only sort by the number of pictures.

I’m trying to find inappropriate album art in my collection, files that are too huge (anything over 500x500) or too low-res (below 300x300).

There is no way within mp3tag to see the resolution.
But see this thread
Cover Dimensions - another approach
for an alternative

Thanks for the reply.

I read through that thread, but that process is beyond me… I understand that he’s creating actions and meta-actions, but I can’t follow the whole procedure. It’s way too complicated.

I think I’m just gonna have to go through it manually, but thanks for the info anyway.


It also has a file browser which shows you the cover dimensions.

As you have seen you cannot sort by this attribute in MP3tag.
But you can use Mp3tag to export the covers.
And then you can use the normal Windows Explorer and search for jpg files and show and sort by their dimensions.
You can then scroll to the sizes that do not fit and treat those. Then you don't have to go through all files manually but only those that needed treatment anyway.

I'm also looking for the same functionality in Mp3tag - the ability to display the cover resolution in a column. However the solution suggested at Cover Dimensions - another approach is way to complex and impractical, and the idea of using another app, or exporting the images to Windows Explorer, defeats the purpose of having a great program like Mp3tag to manage our tag data. I'd like to be able to view this info without having to install and use other apps.

Obviously Mp3tag is already capable of reading this data - the resolution is already displayed there in the Tag Panel, along with the image's MIME type, image file size and cover type. And it's already possible to add a column for the MIME type, size and cover type right now. All that's missing is the ability to add the resolution as a column.

Is there a technical reason that this is not possible?

If not, is there any way to suggest this as a new feature to the developer? The best solution would be having this added to Mp3tag so we don't have to rely on external solutions - and this will only further help Mp3tag to continue to be the best tagging app available!