Sort by alphabetically-grouped artist folders?


Hello, everybody.

I use Mp3Tag to maintain my MP3 collection, that has now grown to include files from 1200+ different artists.

They are grouped by directories, in a quite standard way:
That means 1200+ different folders in my root :angry:

Would it be possible to sort them in alphabetical groops? - Something more like
To give you an example:
\A\ABBA\Greatest Hits\Chiquitita.mp3 --> That "A" could also be something like "ABC", for example.

Any hints, anybody? - If not possible, please move to the "suggestions for next versions" area! :slight_smile:

Thanks and greetings from sunny Spain,


Just use $left(%artist%,1)\%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) %title%

Best regards from winterly Dresden,
~ Florian


Thank you, Florian. Hey, you're great!

I was fiddling about with the "left" function, but didn't quite get it. In one of my attempts (on a test folder) I managed to move all my non-mp3 files in the folder to a new "MP3" folder that was created in the other corner of my hard disk... but my MP3 files remained unaltered. :book:

I'm not very good at this, unfortunately.



That's why we have this nice forum here :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian