Sort disk number doesn't sort

Hello, I used the Mp3tag v2.87a. When I try to sort the files by disk number, it doesn't sort them in alphabetical order, like Disk 1, Disk 2, DSisk 3, etc...
The other columns work very well.
Only in this column does not work.

check the column definition and see if you sort that field numerical or not.
If toggling the setting does not really make any difference, then you would have to show us the contents and whether a special statement in "sort by" would do the trick.

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Okay, it worked.


Thank you very much.

Even though you solved your problem, I suspect that you have non-numeric data in a numeric field. DISCNUMBER is supposed to be a half-numeric value with only a "/" as separator to the TOTALDISC number.
If you have discnumbers like "A" or "B" in the field, it would be invalid data.
For "Sort by" You could then use a string like
and then also strings would be sorted correctly.