Sort Number


My purpose is the following : I want to add a new column, preceeding the title colum in which my tracks are alphabetically sorted; this column will only contain a number from 1 to xxxx, the first alphabetically sorted title will have the number 1, the second 2..., the last track xxxx; how can I do that : value, field and "sort by" to use?? I've already tried many possibilities, but no one comes to success...


Didier :unsure:

You could use an action of the type "format field", set it to a user-defined field (e.g. %sorter%) and format it with the value %_counter%.
But what could be the real benefit from this?
As soon as you add a track (or delete one) the number is not correct any more.
Most players do not evaluate a user-defined field so this information would be hidden.
If you want to see the contents of an album you usually sort it by track number and not alphabetically by title.

To sort by title click the colum header for the column title in MP3tag.

If you want to update your order you would have to sort it by title again and then fill the numbered field, so sorting by title would be of advantage ...
Tell me your proceedings so that I can learn something.


My final goal is to find a way to generate a random sorting of my files, put them on a USB key, for reading in my car; yes, my radio car has a random option, but it's a mess : it reads, saying, the first track, then the last, then the second, etc..., It's not really a random reading; by renaming my files with a random prefix number, I can generate a real random sort, which makes it impossible to find the next track which will be heard... Do you better see what I mean?

I think it's possible with a little VB program, but it's certainly faisable in MP3Tag...

Did you ever clicked on the column header of the very first column from the left side within Mp3tag list view?
Do you know the scripting function $rand?



No, I don't know the $RAND function; clicking on the column header works fine, but the random order will not be saved when copying on the USB key... So, I think it will not be possible to avoid the renaming of the files in input, before any copy...