Sort Oddity After Using Mp3tag

This isn't much to go on, I know. But.

I have a multi-disc (55 discs) album, where all tracks show the same data for "album". Using Mp3tag, I modified two discs to change "album" to "discnumber.album". This is to facilitate playback via MS's new Media Player, which does not sort by disc number, only by track number within album, showing me 55 tracks #1, for example.

All is good except that track #1 sorts to the bottom of the track list for both discs using MS's new Media Player. Other albums that are unmodified sort correctly. I have checked "track" carefully, since Media Player seems to sort by track within album. All other visible tags are correct.

The old Windows Media Player sorts correctly, and so does File Explorer.

Is it possible that there is a hidden tag involved here, written by Mp3tag, that Media Player uses, but cannot be seen?

I have a similar question in to Microsoft.

You can compare the extended tags (press ALT + T ) from a song that appears in correct sort order and the one that appears "wrong". Then you should see the differences.

Or you let us see this two screenshots, maybe we can see any possible causes.

Maybe you have inadvertently placed a space or other possibly hidden character into the title that would force this behaviour?

Hi LyricsLover: You've given me the key to the solution. The "bad" track did not have "Totaldiscs" and "totaltracks" tags. When added to the track, the sort resolved itself.

Many thanks.

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