Sort order nickless_javasort_lite_link


I want to change the sort order of the first start from the "nickless_javasort_lite_link" template, but I cant´t find the right string. by the first start is the sort by the track, but i want a sort by track and them album. Is this possibly????

2 new export configurations with color themes

Yes, it's possible, change the line 168 of config from
Array.prototype.sort_stack = new Array(-1,-1,-1,-1,-1);
Array.prototype.sort_stack = new Array(1,2,-1,-1,-1);

There is also a comment in the file that describes what numbers other fields have.


Thanks...this is the one that i search 2 hours! I take now this string
Array.prototype.sort_stack = new Array(5,1,2,-1,-1);
now it sorts by date,album and track.

Thanks for the great Export template!!! :smiley: