Sort tags are not recognized in iPod using Winamp


Hi there,
First of all, thank you for the wonderful work you guys done with Mp3tag. Now, let's see if you can help me out with my problem...

I have the latest 'n' development version installed and I'm using the iTunes specific sort fields like TITLESORTORDER, ARTISTSORTORDER and the like... I'm saving this tags in ID3v2.3 UTF-16. And I have a bunch of 12 songs with specific album and artists name so I can import them to the iTunes library and upload them to my iPod and be able to test the sorting. Cause it's a pain to be changing the tags on my whole music collection and import/upload them.

To manage my iPod, I use the ml_ipod plugin for Winamp, don't know if yous guys know about it. Well, let's say all my files are perfectly tagged with all the sort fields required. If I upload the songs to the iPod using ml_ipod, the tags will be ignored and the default sorting will be used in the iPod library. However, if I upload the files to the iPod using iTunes, the tags will be read just fine in the iPod library...
Note: If I import these files to the iTunes library instead of uploading them directly to the iPod, they will also be read by iTunes.

So, what's the problem? Is iTunes doing something with those sort fields when uploading the songs to the iPod? Something that ml_ipod is not doing? Or what?

Hope someone can help me, I really dislike iTunes to manage my music collection on my iPod...


Isn't this a question that should be addressed at the author of this ml_ipod plug-in?


Maybe, but I'm not sure if the problem is ml_ipod related or maybe I'm doing something wrong...

One thing I forgot to mention:
When I upload my songs (that are tagged with the iTunes sort tags) to the iPod using ml_ipod plugin. They are not read on the iPod and if I connect the iPod to iTunes and view the iPod's library, the tags will also not be read, but as soon as I click on "Get Info" in iTunes for any song that is in the iPod's library, the tags will be read by iTunes. Isn't this weird?

Anyway, if anyone as any insight why this is happening, please enlighten me. I would love t contribute to ml_ipod's development and add support for these iTunes sort tags, but I have no idea what could be the problem...


Yes it must be related to ml_ipod.
See the ipod itself does not read tags from files, it gets the information from its database that is filled by the uploading software.
ml_ipod doesn't seem to support these tags, therefore doesn't put them in the database.


That's what one thing I wanted to know...

So, let's say I want to write those tags in the iPod database which I believe is the file iTunesDB. Do you have any info that you can provide to help me save those tags info to the database? Like, how to save the data, which data exactly to save, where to save the data in the database, stuff like that...

Any information that you could provide to help implementing that on ml_ipod would be great, if possible :slight_smile:


I think you really should ask the ml_ipod developers for adding support for this tag fields.


But ml_ipod is an open source project and if I can help, why shouldn't I? I was just asking here because maybe you could have some information that would help me...


Yes, I understand. But I must admit that I have no clue about the iPod's internal data format so looking at ml_ipod's codebase might help you to answer your questions.


Ok, thanks.

In case anyone knows something... :slight_smile: