Sort the Artists by the number of their Titles

hey :slight_smile:

is it possible to sort the artist coloumn by the number of titles a artist has?
So that I can see who has the most titles in my Library and the less.
I need it because i need to edit all titles to check correct Information.
And I wanna start with the complete Artist/Albums. :rolleyes:


You can sort by artist. But what has the number of titles to do with it?

If you want to see the number of track by an artist, you can use Windows Media Player. That counts them.

I have a lot of Artists.
And the ones with only 3 titles etc. arent interesting for me.
The ones with most titles need to be edited and have highest priority.
Thats why I need to sort them by the mass of Albums or Titles.
... If It's possible :smiley:

I can only think of really turning the whole collection upside down to get all the tracks of one artist into a single folder and then use the numbering wizard.
But I would advise to use WMP for this purpose.

okay thats too complicated.
I'll just search for the Artist.
thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I once had a similar task. The only difference was that I wanted the know which were the not complete albums with the most mp3s in it, just to to start tagging with them.

DetlevD helped me to fing a solution in this german thread:

Your request is similar to this question ...
Listing all Artists from Album into One Tag Field

I have modified my export script proposal from there to apply here.

1: $filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\Mp3tag.Report.PrepareArtistSortByNumberOfFiles.txt',UTF-8)

2: $loop(%ARTIST%)$puts(CountFiles,0)$loop(%ARTIST%)$loop(%_path%)$puts(CountFiles,$add($get(CountFiles),1))$loopend()$loopend()
3: $loop(%ARTIST%)'"'%ARTIST%'","'$get(CountFiles)'","'%_path%'"'
4: $loopend()$loopend()
5: $puts(Info,'This Mp3tag export script creates a report text file of format CSV (comma separated values).')
6: $puts(Info,'The CSV columns are: "Artist","CountFiles","Filepath".')
7: $puts(Info,'The CSV output list is sorted by "Artist".')
8: $puts(Info,'The CSV column "CountFiles" contains the sum of files per artist, which have been collected from the files of the related Artist.')$puts(Info,)

You have to import the report output file into the selected files, ...
using the converter "Textfile -Tag" with a format string like ...

The import process complains about empty lines, which cannot be parsed, this can be ignored.

You have to create a column in the Mp3tag grid view for the new tag field ...
Name = SumOfFilesPerArtist
Value = %SumOfFilesPerArtist%
Numerical = yes

Then sort the track list using this column.

20131117.PrepareArtistSortByNumberOfFiles.mte (755 Bytes)

20131117.PrepareArtistSortByNumberOfFiles.mte (755 Bytes)