Sort Track numbers numerically even with A1, A2

12 years later thought I'd add for anyone who gets info from Discogs to make sure this column isn't checked "Numeric," if it is the sort function won't work.

Why shouldn't the info from discogs be sorted numerically?

Discogs provides track info in the A1, A2, A3 etc format, MP3Tag doesn't know what to do with it. Or my copy didn't. Perhaps I checked something by accident. Or my Discogs settings are off.

This is only true if you select an originally vinyl release.
CD releases are numbered perfectly just with numbers.

And just a sidenote: the ID3 standard wants the track field to be numeric with the only exception of the slash to separate the total of tracks. Taking the standard literally, the A1, A2 variation is an invalid format.

If you want to sort such track number, use the "Sort by" field in the column definition and use an expression like:

That does help! I do generally use vinyl issues for tagging, but dislike the A1 etc format - I made a custom column that just sorts by %track% when Discogs doesn't give me #s with leading zeroes, which seems to be what trips up the sorting.

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