Sorting by album on sd card

Hi All,
I always considered myself to be pretty computer savvy, but now I know I was wrong since I'm being stumped by mp3's in 2018.
I'm trying to load a bunch of albums onto a mircoSD card to so that I can insert the card into a speaker and give the speaker as a gift.
It's important that I order the albums in a specific way and I have not been able to figure out how. The speaker itself is a little teddy-bear thing with very limited interface.

How do I use mp3tag to make sure the albums begin in the SD card in the order I want?

Thank you!

The best thing you could do is to experiment a little, to learn how the speaker sorts the albums on the SD card.

I'd assume that it uses an alphabetical order of folders and files, so you could try naming the album folders in a numeric order, i.e.,

01 - Album Name 1
02 - Album Name 2

You can also try inferring the order by listening which track appears first, which second and which third. Maybe you can identify a pattern there and use this information for ordering the files.