Sorting file list by title and album

When I check the spreadsheet in Mp3Tag I saw that all files are sorted by artist, album, title and track. This means that each album is sorted in alphabetic by title instead of by track number, which is more logic in my view.

So I changed this to %Artist% - %Album% - $Num(%Track%,2) - %Title% in "File - Tagname" and "OK. However no visible change was made, not even in Preview. So I tried going from Swedish to English (as I thought it has someting to do with language) and restart (system demand). After restart it was ok. I also tried "F5" but this did not solve anything.

Just to understand. I did the same again and changed order while in English. The files was read again, but no visible changed. Then I changed back to Swedish again with a restart and then it was changed.

I guess this is not the way to do it and it takes a lot of time (about 4,200 albums and 50,000 tracks) . Could you please advise?

You can change the sort order by clicking on the column header in the files list.
Subsequent clicks on different column headers use the previous sorting order to sort the entries if the new sort criterion has the same data for that field (e.g. album).
So to sort an album by track number, first click on the column header for TRACK, then on the column header for ALBUM.
If you need a more permanent sorting order, use the field "Sort by" in the column definition and enter a suitable format string, e.g. for column TRACK
You can see by which column the data is currently sorted in the column header where you find a little arrow to indicate the sorting direction.