Sorting FLAC Albums

Hi all, can someone advised me how to organise my albums into Alphabetical order in the first instance, so all The Beatles are together, and then organise the albums into release date order.
Ive tried using Album Sort etc, but this doesnt work, when I view them on my A&K 70 DAP, all The Beatles albums are lumped together starting with the Red Compilation and Blue Compilation albums because they contain the dates 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 respectively, it should start with Please, Please Me, and then With the Beatles etc. Will be grateful for any advice,

Are we talking about tag fields or filenames?
What are the sorting options of your player?
Does your player accept playlists?

My player does accept playlists, my filename are listed as artist - album title - track number - track title.
I was looking at tag fields

If the player accepts playlists then sort the files as you wish in MP3tag, create a playlist and use that.

All other attempts will probably lead to a duplication of data in tag fields where the data should not be, e.g. add the contents of YEAR to ALBUM.
If the player still looks for the filename, it may be an idea to add YEAR between the data from ARTIST and ALBUM to the filename