Sorting in Export

In MP3Tag (Windows), I create a colum entry to sort by missing cover art. I select and export as i want to only export these but i want to sort by Album

after the loopend for all three tags (%title, %album%, and %artist%) i SORT=3, which is sorting by Artist..

However this fails.

The exported file sorts only by title. which is not what i am looking for.

It's probably because you loop on title or path. Can you try $loop(%artist%) and if this doesn't work, please post your export configuration so that we can have a look.

I think the OP should try
to sort by ALBUM
so perhaps:
%loop(%album%) %album% _ %artist% _ %title%

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My config is:


Perhaps there is something wrong with my config?
Otherwise, it exports ok.

I wish to have song name as well that's why i need %title%

With your script you first sort all the titles (How many equal titles do you have?), then in that list of titles you sort by artist and then, to get these titles into a nice order you sort by album (how many differnt albums has an artist produced that have the same title on it and are named equally?).

I would think that this is overkill.

If you want to have a nice list of albums, then only sort by album, and then by artist (to get the different "Greatest Hits" albums out of the way)
(like I did in my suggestion)
The data that you want to output, BTW has nothing to do with the $loop() statement, $loop() is only for sorting, really, you do not have to introduce the data field with a $loop() statement.
I would still ask you to try my example and see whether that is closer to what you want.

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