Sorting of tracks by Album tag

It would be great if mp3tag would support sorting by Album tag in a future release.
Currently it is either not supported or not working properly. See screenshot.
The sorting also does not change on changing from ascending to descending or vice versa.

Especially when applying album covers to multiple albums of the same artist this feature would be really helpful.

I wonder that this issue is not yet implemented or fixed, because it is a basic and simple one.
With all other tag-columns the sorting works fine, as far as I have seen it.

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Already supports this (and has for many years, maybe from the beginning). I can sort by album tag, ascending or decending. Something odd happening in your install. I'd reinstall mp3tag and see if that solves your issue. definitely not an issue with the software itself.

Could you right-click the column-header for Album to open the dialogue "Columns ...".
In This dialogue check the definition for the contents of that column.
For FIELD and VALUE it should show %album%.
The checkbox "numeric" should not be ticked.

  1. Close the seemingly empty Filter dialog.
  2. Check the column definition.