sorting options for export

Dear all
I want to export the tags to a HTML file. However I see that they are sorted based on the Track number. How can I change the default sort option from track number to filename? I can not find where

The export function looks like

$filename(html,utf-8)<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="de">
    <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Mp3tag -" />
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    <title>Mp3tag - File Overview</title>
    <style type="text/css"><!--
        h1 { font-family: Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14pt; color: #000 }
        body { font-family: Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; background: #fff }
        table, tr, td { font-family: Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; color: #000; }
        a:link, a:visited, a:active { text-decoration: none; color: #03f; }
        a:hover { text-decoration: none; color: #f03; }
        .title { font-weight: bold; padding: 7px; margin: 0px; color: #000; }
        .odd { background-color: #ccc; }
    <h1>Mp3tag - File Overview</h1>
            <th class="title">Title</th>
            <th class="title">Artist</th>
            <th class="title">Album</th>
            <th class="title">Track</th>
            <th class="title">Year</th>
            <th class="title">Genre</th>
            <th class="title">Filename</th>

            <td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%title%,&,&amp;)</td>
            <td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%artist%,&,&amp;)</td>
            <td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%album%,&,&amp;)</td>
            <td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%track%,&,&amp;)</td>
            <td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%year%,&,&amp;)</td>
            <td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%genre%,&,&amp;)</td>
            <td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%_filename_ext%,&,&amp;)</td>

    <p>build on %_date% with %_app% - the universal Tag Editor <a href="" title="Mp3tag Website"></a></p>

I think that this export script sort by
%_filename_ext%, as can be seen in the line


So apparently, your filename starts with the track number....

Yeah thanks a lot for the point. I changed it to desired option