Sorting order for USB in a Chevy Sonic with MyLink (LG mfg)

Hope this is the right place to ask this question...
I own a 2015 Chevy Sonic. The "infotainment" system is the MyLink system. Some digging revealed that it's made by LG. The vehicle has a USB port for a thumb/jump/flash drive. You load the music/movie, etc., on the drive...

What I want-
To create an album with songs in a specific order. When I was 10 (50 year ago this week - OUCH!!) we had the 8-track of Pisces, Aquarius,Capricorn and Jones, Ltd. Needless to say the order of the songs was way different that the album.
I've created an MP3 tag list and specified in the numeric Track field the order in which I want the songs to play. (BTW I've re-named the songs in the Title field because the software wants to match the title name to what's on the vinyl. The 8 track isn't listed as a source.)
The Infotainment system insists on sorting by the Title, no matter what I do. I realize that can change the song title name to:

  1. Words
  2. Hard to Believe
  3. Salesman
    But it looks sloppy and cheesy. Has anyone seen this or have any ideas on how I can fix it?

(And FORGET about Playlists!! (I'm very familiar with directory structures and I've had NO luck with the system recognizing that the playlists even exist!)

You would have to find out by which criterion the player sorts the files - perhaps it is the filename, perhaps it expects more filled fields like ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, TITLE, ALBUM, TRACK.
You do not tell us a lot which metadata is already there and which data leads to which sorting order.
Also, it could be that the player takes the sequence in which the files were saved on the thumbdrive.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
Yeah- that's the exact problem - what field does the player want to sort on? it looks like it's by title, which stinks. All the metadata you mention is there - but it still seems to be the title it wants to sort on. Have you ever heard of a player that must have the track in a particular format? I have it in the 1/12, 2/12, etc. which it seems to ignore. I've created a new sequence with just 1, 2, 3, etc. as the track numbers - I'm going to see if that works on the drive home. I'm hoping maybe someone on the site can shed some light...
I'd like to find out what it does when it hits a field that contains data it doesn't recognize. Say it wants to sort on the track field but the format there is wrong. Does it go to the file name field? Does it go to the title field? How many different track formats are there? 1-12, 2-12, 3-12? Or some other. There MUST be a logic to it, I just need to figure out what it is.

The data in the field TRACK should look like "1/12".
Or even just a single number without the total following the slash.
If the player sorts by TITLE, then you probably would have to resort to

Yeah, that seems to be the case. I had the "1/12" designation in the track field, but the player just ignored it. I really wish there was some way to peel the number part away from the song name in the title field so that it looked a bit more elegant. I reached out to LG (owner of the software) but I couldn't get deep enough into their engineering department to get an answer. I was hoping that there was a limit to the different ways that players read Mp3 tags, but it appears to be infinite! :laughing: If you come across anything that you think can help me, I'll keep checking this site.

How do I prevent the software from re-naming the title when I sync with musicbrainz? I HAVE to put the track number in the title.

I would still let musicbrainz do its job.
But before, I would copy the modified TITLE to a user-defined field like CHEVY_TITLE.
Then, whenever you fill the pendrive with files, run a little action that swaps the contents of TITLE and CHEVY_TITLE:
Action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %title%===%chevy_title%
Target: %chevy_title%===%title%
(The === is only there to get a unique separator between the 2 fields).

And when you return the files to your collection, then run the swapping action again and you see the title without the number again.

For new tracks you probably have already got an action that adds the number. Perhaps you can modify it so that it first fills the user-defined field with both, the number and the title instead of modifying the original TITLE.