My guess is that some (or all) of you will quickly point to a basic/logical sort element I've missed... so please do!

From the attached screen capture you'll see the convoluted (admittedly, to me) sort order I'm struggling to correct. "My efforts" have included:

~ Ensuring each album track's tags are 'built' simultaneously, so that all fixed/common values are identical (incl art).

~ Checking the parent folder for file order in Windows Explorer... it's as you would expect as "Artist" - "Album" - "Track." I also right-clicked individual tracks to ensure the "Properties" were alike.

~ Manually sorting the "Track," "Album" & "Artist" columns, in that order, to achieve desired sort order (which I surmise represents the 'natural sort'). For me, that's also "Artist" - "Album" - "Track."

The sort you see in the screen capture comes after refreshing the directory immediately after conducting the manual sort enumerated above. The result is consistent... which means I haven't found/figured out what's amiss.

I'd sure appreciate a little guidance from someone in here... my noggin's getting a little sore from all the scratching I've been doing!

I can see that the track numbers are not really ascending ...
I think that by manually clicking on a column header you can get only 2 criteria to result in a sorting order if one does not really lead to a sorting order (e.g. all album names are the same).
So, to get an album sorted, first click on track column, then on the album column.

BUT: if you want to get more than 2 criteria to work, have a look at the column definition, e.g. of track (you can define a dedicated column for this sorting, actually, but let me do the example with the column for track):
Right-click on the column track and select "Columns ..."
In the sub-dialogue, you should see all the columns and the column definition for track should be selected (if not: navigate to that column in the list and select it).
as the bottom input box you see
Sort by:
here, you can enter expressions that create a sort-string, e.g.:

Save this modification and sort by column Track - it should now be in the order of Artist-Album-Track.

Bravo, mein guter Mann! You nailed it. Many thanks...