Soundcloud metadata from mp3 id3 tags?

Hi there! I have a large number of mp3s I'm hoping to upload to Soundcloud and am wondering if there's a way to import id3 information to SC's metadata automatically? Some of it appears to be a manual-only thing on their site from what I can tell.

I'm specifically interested in adding the Buy-link metadata...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

(mp3tag rules!)

I've checked the How do I upload multiple tracks to SoundCloud? page and it all seems manual.

If there would be a CSV import or something similar, you could use Mp3tag's Export feature to prepare the data.

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There’s a public API of course, but it does not seem possible to do this with tags embedded in the files themselves.

PS: Did you try to upload an MP3 file with all of the following fields set, in order to see if any of them showed up as the Buy-Link? PODCASTURL, WWW, WWWARTIST, WWWAUDIOFILE, WWWAUDIOSOURCE, WWWCOMMERCIALINFO, WWWCOPYRIGHT, WWWPAYMENT, WWWPUBLISHER, WWWRADIOPAGE – for MP4/M4A, only PODCASTURL is mapped to a standard field by Mp3tag, one should perhaps be mapped to ©url (infu from 3GPP/OMA DRM is probably obsolete).

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Thank you! This is excellent. Crissov I'll try to experiment with the fields you suggested and see if anything sticks. I've tried a few of those, but haven't been systematic with it...

Using the API is a bit out of my knowledge area, but that's also great to know it's possible that way. If none of the above tags work that will be where I head next...