Source tags using Discogs release ID?


I've been using mp3tag for a couple years now and I've just put a clean install of XP on my PC. I've installed v2.42 and have noticed that the search by Discogs release ID option is missing.

I've searched the forum and come across an SRC file ( discogs#Release ID.src ) which I understand will give me search by Discogs release ID option. I vaguely remember doing this when I first installed mp3tag hence why it's missing after the my clean install.

What do I do with the .src file?

This thread says I need to put the file in C:\Documents and Settings{user name}\Application Data\Mp3tag . But I can't find any such directory? I've looked in 'All Users', 'Owner' and my own user profile in documents and settings but I can't find a directory called Application Data.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks MM

Did you try the steps in the Profile folder post?

Ah, no I didn't. Set the folder to show hidden folders and I can see it now.

Thanks MM :smiley: