Space before extension

MP3TAG automatically adds a space plus the .mp3 extension to all of my file names, so they look like the following:
FileName .mp3
How do I get rid of the blank space before .mp3?
Thank you.

MP3Tag does nothing automatically but always as you tell it to to.
So how do you create the filename?
Do you use a format string and how does it look like?

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Sounds like a job for the $trim() function, but weʼd need more details to tell you where to use it.

Looks like a space character has sneaked in in one of your format strings or your title tag names. Probably at the end, where it's naturally hard to spot unless the cursor is at the very end.

Thank you. You were right.

You were right. I was using the following format string for filename: %title% %artist% %track%. Track was empty. So I was getting a space before .mp3. I changed it to $trim(%title% %artist% %track%). That corrected the problem.

If you have fields that are not always present, you can use the following syntax to leave them out:
%title% %artist%[ %track%]
Items in [] only appear if the referenced field is present.