Spaces between - mark and links in song description

How can I add spaces before and after - mark? Some songs are like

And some are normal
Artist - Title

And what can I do with the links? I have some songs that has and so on in it's tags. And they are mostly different so adding simple replace action won't do. How can I remove them with regex?

Why not just rename them by the tags instead of fiddling around with the filenames.
Take the Convert_Tag-Filename menue.
Format string: %artist% - %title%

Below the format string you cann see the result in a preview.

Do a simple replace action for _FILENAME
Search: -
Replace: -
This adds a blank before and after each hyphen .
Now do a second replace for _FILENAME:
Search: blank>

means that you hit the spacebar.

You do not tell us where you find the "links". Is this part of a field? Is it a field of its own?
If this is a string constant, you can easily replace it with a simple replace:
(leave empty)

If you want to remove any string following the www then use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for the field.
Search: www.*
(leave that empty)
This removes any text behind the www - so it should be the last string part. Otherwise you loose information.

Before I could do that I need to get my audio life together. It's total clusterf* nastiness going on on my phone's SD card.

Like this. This is nasty as hell and I don't know how I was living with it in the past. And not to mention the artist and title fields are even worse. I better fix my filenames and convert from them when I finish... those 1100 something files.

Anyways the replace method worked. Thanks a lot.