Special Characters in Tag, but not Filename


Windows doesn't like / : * ? " < > | in filenames, but I would like them in the ID3 tag. I think this is possible using regular expressions or maybe even something simpler, but here's my question...

Since one could not have the filename:

"Depeche Mode ~ Enjoy the Silence (Quad: Final Mix).mp3"

Would it be possible to take this filename:

"Depeche Mode ~ Enjoy the Silence (Quad&COLON& Final Mix).mp3"

and tag the MP3 with the proper song title "Enjoy the Silence (Quad: Final Mix)" and rename the file:

"Depeche Mode ~ Enjoy the Silence (Quad Final Mix).mp3"

(ie just remove "&COLON&", not necessarily replace it with a space or underscore)

Is that possible? If so, I'm missing something.



you can use some replace-actions (not necessarily with regular expressions) to replace the &COLON& placeholders with nothing.

Please take a look at Options, Actions. You can define several action groups in this dialog and can run these action groups independently from each other via the Converter, Actions menu item.

Hope that helps! If you have further questions, please don't hesistate to ask.

With best regards,
~ Florian



The answer was indeed using actions! I created an action that looked for &COLON& in TAG and replaced it with : and &COLON& in FILENAME and replaced it with nothing.

Perfect! :slight_smile:

I'm one step closer to automating my ripping/tagging process. Thanks again.


With the latest Development Build it's also possible to use the build in scripting function
$validate("%i - %a - %n - %t", "-")
at Tag - Filename to replace all invalid characters in the generated filename by the dash character.

This feature will be included in the next version Mp3tag V.2.16.

~ Florian