Special characters in Traktor Collection

Have you had any issues with Traktor Collection not liking certain characters?

I had an "é" in a couple of filenames/artists and Traktor seems to strip them out in the .nml...

Hmm, not that I'm aware of. I'll test later if you can sent me some tracknames to d/l.
But this is unrelated to this topic tho?

I'm getting the rating (*'s) value out of Traktor for use elsewhere. I need to search the Collection.nml to get the rating value, and I've noticed that Traktors Collection omits characters with accents on any of the letters.

So any French/Spanish etc.. artist names don't match the .mp3 filename or artist tags in the Traktor Collection...

I got flagged in my latest comment, for asking you, if this isn't off-topic.
I still think this is more a Traktor-issue than related to this topic/mp3tag.
There is an issue posted on their official forum here: https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/pro-3-character-encoding-problem.343177/

Sorry about that bas.

I'm quite sure this is a Traktor issue. I've ruled it out in MP3Tag and iTunes - so, yes, it looks like it lies with Traktor.

Bit of a pain, that is. So now I'm looking for a way (I asked in this thread: Remove Trailing Special Characters apologies Florian if this has made extra work for you!) if there's a way to remove all accented/special/foreign characters across all tags and filename. Maybe an %ALL% action?