Special characters substitute mapping to filename from "tag to filename" convert

Hi, first sorry if this already was asked before :sweat_smile:
I was using the batch convert tag to filename and faced with some tags with special characters like ": \ | ?" that I guess none file system support, I'd like to know if there is a way to map substitutes to them when we use this kind of bulk function.

I'm asking this because I've seen such feature in the other software "Exact Audio Copy" and I thought that would be perfect for MP3Tag.


There is the function $validate()
(see the help: Scripting Functions – Mp3tag Documentation)
but please note the \ is a valid character to create folder structures, see the HowTos:
Converters to rename files or to import tags - #2 by Florian

yeah, sorry, I meant the forward slash "/" :man_facepalming:

that's exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
So the syntax that I used for two replacements was: "$replace($replace(%title%,:,;),/,-)", is that correct? It worked here :man_shrugging:



(changes specially to file 09)

again, thanks :smiley:

I think you could simply use the $replace() that replaces the / with a -.
Unless you use $validate() and tell MP3tag to use a special character, all invalid characters for filenames would simply be left out. So there is no need to treat the :

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