Special Spanish Characters

I'm trying to modify the titles of a huge number of Tango songs which aren't often correctly written (sometimes even in the original CD!).
For example, the title "Corazon Encatenado" should be written "Corazón Encadenado" and so on.
I arrranged an Excel file containing the actual incorrect titles (column A) and the correct ones (column B), and I wonder if does exist a way to mass-convert these titles instead to do that title by title with the Replace action.

Thank you!

If you have not also noted the filename in your excel sheet, it would be something where you have to make leeway.
So: create an export script that exports the filename and the original spanish string in a format so that it can be imported into Excel.
Now align the original string with the edited string - if you have a program like Access you could fairly easily align both fields and also see where there is no match.
Then export that aligned data to a text file and make sure that the filename is part of each record.
The fields should have a unique but printable separator between them.
Then use Converter>Text file-Tag to import the data into tag fields.

Thank you ohrenkino, I'll follow your suggestion!