Spell checker?

Is there any way to run a spell checker in mp3tag?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings. Pachu.

and a "find and replace"?

TigoTago program has one and it works fine...

Greetings. Pachu.

What is this? A question about a feature in mp3tag or an advertisement for another program?

A question about new features. I only use Mp3Tag, but I am looking for a program to "correct" the text of the "Titles" and nowadays I have no find any.

Greetings. Pachu.

The replace function is already there in the shape of various action types.
The action does not ask, though. If you want to get an impression of how many files would be modified by that action, use a filter that has the search term in it.
The spell checker would be a bit tricky as it would require an indicator which language can be found in the title - you would have to fill in the language field then (don't do it now, there is no spellchecker in mp3tag).

In the meantime you could use the export-function to export the data to another format which then could be treated by a spell-checking programme.

I usually use the "replace" function to replace characters or letters or expressions, but everytime I have to do a new "profile". If there was a find and replace -without asking- it would be great.

The second one, if I export the data, could I later import again into the tags?.

Greetings. Pachu.

Have a look at the tool bar: beside the "Actions" button there is a button with the bubble help "Actions (quick)". This function offers a dialogue box where you can define a "one off" action of any type, even for "replace".
This does not remember the last definition, though (might be a worthwhile extension to the programme...).
But it is probably the closest you get to any "search and replace" function.

And yes, with a little discipline it is possible to re-import data from e.g. a text file. You are then still stuck with the problem that you have to have a mechanism to determine the language and secondly with a lot of artists being very inventive to modify the spelling in their tracks so that it only "sounds" right I would guess that the number of errors will probably equal the number or real hits.
Which then makes it questionable whether the effort of exporting an importing is really worthwhile... but that would be up to you.

Thanks a lot. I will try it.

Greetings. Pachu.