Spell/grammar check

probably not grammar (would be horrible in the hiphop/rap genre lol) but why cant we have a spell checker in mp3tag? word does it. so does this forum software as I type. my many many flac files would love this function.

no exporting data to do this in another app and then re-importing here. I can do that. not really useful.

see e.g. this thread:

How would you apply the spell checker?
Have you filled the field LANGUAGE? Otherwise: how should one know which language it is? Not every track is in English.
Where would you apply the spell checking? Names? Probably pointless. Titles? OK, could be a target. Which reminds me of the 70s band Slade who had a number of tracks out that deliberately spelled not like Queen's English.
(Cheap 'N' Nasty Luv, Coz I luv you, Cum on feel the noize, Gudbuy T'Jane etc.)
Which would then lead to an awful lot of exceptions just to find the few typos where it really would make a difference.
And this would still not find all the "there/their/they're" and "it's/its".

I do not think that the forum software has a spell checker but that this is a setting in your browser.

that is not a thread, and it was 2009 :joy:

as a Swiss German with Italian, Spanish and French parents my music collection is rather multilingual as you might expect. still, 65% is English, just like the volume of music in the music market. if a spell checker cant auto-detect the language, assume it's English and manually change if it's otherwise.

I would apply the spell check on album titles and song titles.

exceptions like the Slade one would be treated as such. the vast majority of song titles and album names are not slang. apart from the rnb and hiphoprap culture. I agree, there this could be quite pointless.

it's just sad how many English natives dont get that right, at all.

the files I process are btw from officially licensed sources. I mention this because even from the source, apparently it seems quite impossible to spell check the crap before it leaves for distribution.

for now, I use my renamer to do the spell checking but I'm a big fan of mp3tag and maybe some day, this is another feature of it.

I think this says it all. With music in any language, artists have taken liberties across the board with proper spelling and grammar. In my opinion there are so many exceptions it would be pointless to automate such a thing.

probably "sighs"

Just another example:
There is an album "Déjà vu" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The spelling is, as I would say, perfect French. The tracks on that album are all in English, even the banner track is now spelt "Deja vu" - which would you consider to be correct and how should a spell checker decide?
Then there is an artist who calls himself Deja-Vu.
The Brothers Grimm have released an album they named "Deja vu",
There is an LP by Giorgio Moroder called "Deja-vu"

So there are all kinds of variations - and probably they are all correct as this is the artist's freedom to call his work as he likes.
The only way to get it right: be thorough when you first enter the data.

they should all go to jail for butchering the French language! damn Text, IM and Social Media ruined it all.

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Ummm.... probably "size" ??

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no. sighs. sounds similar. means something else.