Split artist / title

I am a newbie and have this "Dr. Jekyll Mr Hyde"-feeling. Basic editing/modification from the tag panel is really easy and was also made for me. The instruction is also great. So it took only some seconds to ensure all files with a given artist had the artist's name spelled in one and the same way :slight_smile:

Then the 'Mr. Hyde' part: I already have a large collection of records where compilations typically have "Various Artists" in the artist fields and 'Artist / Title" or 'Artist - Title' in the title field. I am sure I have the right tool for the purpose, but have been looking in vain to find a way to split and move the two parts of the field to the separate ones.

Where should I start? Those scripts seem to be written in some language that is Greek to me. Just like my old favourite programming language APL seemed like Greek to almost anyone else :huh:

Here's a thread with the same problem:

Thanks a lot. Expected something WOULD be there under SOME other wording.

And it is working oh-la-la :slight_smile: Wauw..