Split Comment Field

Hi. I’ve read a couple of suggestions on this topic somewhat unsuccessfully, so my question is how to split the comment field so that the barcode, label code, and rights societies go to their respective custom tags:


I was able to manage it in this instance using this guess values action:

Barcode: %barcode%\Label Code: %label code%\Rights Society: %rights society%

However, not every comment field contains this in this order and/or only this. So, I suspect this will require the use of $meta_sep(COMMENT,\) but I’m not very proficient with this yet. I want to remove this info from the comment field after it has been transferred, but retain other comments.
Any help is appreciated!

You have multiple comment-tagfields as you can see in the extended tag-view.

I would do this pragmatic step by step and filter the files for the content. On the filtered files I would use the Tag->Tag converter.
Filterexpression: "$meta(comment,0)" HAS Barcode
Format string: $meta(comment,0)

If you have a lot of files that match this or slightly changed Guess-Values-action-guessing-pattern you could filter too like this:
"$meta(comment,0)" HAS Barcode AND "$meta(comment,1)" HAS Label AND .....

and use the matching patterns with guess-values-actions.

In the forum you should always include strings that have double back slashes in accent grave. Otherways one of the backslashes gets eaten by the forum software.

Thanks. I made an auto-playlist in MusicBee to find all the relevant tracks (I’ve never found the language of Music Bee’s filter function very accessible). Then I did as you suggested. I still had to do a lot of manual editing, but it was a learning experience. Yes, I noticed a backslash missing immediately after I posted and double-checked it but didn’t know how to circumvent. Noted.

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