Split field with multicharacter separator

I'm trying to split the artist field using vs. as separator, but it will split at all the individual characters (v, s and .)
I've tried putting the separator between brackets, single and double quotes, but nothing helps.

As a workaround I can first convert vs. to a rare single character, but is that really the only way to get this done?

That is the way it works as designed.

Use converter "Tag - Tag" or action "Format value" ...
Formatstring: $regexp(%ARTIST%,'\svs.?\s','\\')
... or ...
Formatstring: $replace(%ARTIST%,' vs. ','\\')
... this will split the given string by the splitstring " vs. " into multi value items.


Thanks for the other options.
I still think it's very strange that the split field action is so limited.
Why have a special action for splitting fields if you can't use it for all your splitting.

But hey, I know how to do what I want now and mp3tag is still one of the best programs on the planet. Couldn't live without it.