Split Filename -> Different Tag Fields


Hi guys, I really need your help. Ive always tagged my MP3s as Filename -> Tag Title as thats what my car headunit reads.

Ive just recently bought an ipod which obviously reads the artist, title and album tag fields as well. So, heres the challenge.

Scenario 1

For my live DJ sets, I have the filenames and tag title named as follows;

"DJ Name (Location, Date)"

I would therefore like to split components of the filename format to the tag fields as follows;
Title = Location, Date
Artist = DJ Name

How on earth can I do this, can I utilise the fact that Ive used brackets in my filename format somehow?

Ive managed to do all that with %artist% (%title%), very easy. However, in album fields I just want the phrase "Live Set" for each and every one, how I can I do that please?

Scenario 2
For my compilation normal tracks, theyre tagged as per the filename, so "01 - Artist - Title"

Again, how can I split the filename to the tag, i.e. Artist = Artist, Title = Title? (Would you generally remove the track number or add it into the tag title?)

Thanks guys, Ive got 1000s of MP3s which I dont really want to tag manually!