split help needed


Here is the tag name.

06- Krishna Dharti Pe Aaja (Nandu Bhende)

Now I want the tag Krishna Dharti Pe Aaja and artist should be Nandu Bhende.

how to do it?


Is the value you've given in the 'Title' field or the 'Filename' field, or both?

If the value is in the 'Filename' field, select 'Convert', then 'Filename - Tag' and enter the following... %track%- %title% (%artist%)
If you don't want the number to go into the 'Track' field replace the word 'track' with a hash symbol like so... %#%- %title% (%artist%)

If the value is in the 'Title' field, you can do one of two things..

  1. Use the 'Convert' then 'Tag - Filename' then enter %title% to pull the whole string across to the 'Filename' and proceed as above, or...
  2. 'Convert', 'Actions' and create a new action by clicking on the star (top icon on the right of the box). You'll be asked to name your action. Make it meaningful if you intend to add a lot of actions. (You can always re-name afterwards.) Then comes the action box. Again click on the star to enter your new conversion. Select 'Guess values' from the drop-down list and click on OK. You will now be asked for a 'Source format' and 'Guessing pattern'. Your source format is in the 'Title' field so enter %title%. Your guessing pattern is the one provided at the beginning of this reply i.e. %track%- %title% (%artist%) or %#%- %title% (%artist%) if the number isn't wanted as a track number.
    Hope that's all clear?

yes both.

Thanks a lot, Its working..


Hi BT,

I augmented my original question with the reply, not realising you would answer so quickly, however it occurs to me that you might also want to re-arrange the filename. If you're happy with it as it is or can amend it based on the previous info, great! Otherwise please post again with the desired format of this field.