Split title based on seperator

My %title% is of following nature:

Allah Hu, Ali Zafar & Saaein Tufail, Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 1

I want to split into multiple parts based on seperator , and access each part of it seperately.

How can i achieve the same?

Define an action.
Action type: Split by separator
Field: TITLE
Separator: ,

Into how many parts should this string be spearated?
If you really use the comma, then you get 4 parts.
But I would consider

as 1 part as it suspiciously looks like a list of performers.
So what would you do afterwards?
Also: with the "Split by separator" action you get a multi-value field where the individual parts can be addressed - but very comfortable.
Wouldn't it be a better way to use "Guess value" and distribute the parts into user-defined or standard fields?