Split title into individual fields?


Been getting a number of mp3 with the Title field as "Title - Artist" or "Artist - Title" and the Artist field set as something like "Various".

I know there must be some way of splitting the Title field into the correct individual fields but can't seem to figure it out. How do I do this?

I've previously relied on converting filenames to tags but now this isn't an option as many of the files are often having incorrect or truncated filenames.


You would have to select the files that show the same pattern. MP3tag by itself does not know whether a string is a title or an artist.
But once you have done that, you can automate it:

Create an action of the type "Guess values" for TITLE
Guessing pattern: %artist% - %title%

Guessing pattern: %title% - %artist%

Please note that the pattern has to match exactly, e.g.
is a different pattern.


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:
That works fine, I knew the solution was simple but overlooked the slightly cryptic sounding "guess" function.