Splited albums

Recently I have bought a new smartphone and installed in it my SD card with the musical collection. As it has turned out certain albums have been split in several parts. In my old phone these albums were played as a single item. I guess it is due to the different sorting by tags done by the two mp3 players. But I can’t see what tags I should change to make the player display the albums properly. Please help if you can.

Check if you have filled the field ALBUMARTIST with some data (preferably the same for a single album).
If you have a sampler then the ALBUMARTIST should still be filled but with some kind of dummy name like "Various Artists".

Also, the YEAR field should contain the same number.

Thank you, my dear ohrenkino! Everything in my musical library is OK now. Moreover having followed your advice I have had some experience in controlling tags. :laughing: