Splitting Filename into track no album and title

Hey friends I’m new to this forum.

I am using 2.55a version of this software right now.

My problem is very simple yet I cannot find answer to this problem. Please help me.


My filename is this

"Track No" "Album" = "Title"
006 Ek Dujhe Ke Liye = Solah Baras Ki

Can it be possible to split this filename into 3 parts and automatically get tagged on track no, album and title in a single command or "Action".

Why only a single command? An action group would feel the same.

Anyway: if all your filenames start with a leading zero then it can be done. Otherwise: no.

Try Convert>Filename - Tag
0%track% %album% = %title%

The preview should guide you.

Thank you. it got my work done