Splitting One Field into Two, but keep the original field intact


My ALBUM fields are currently formatted like "Album Name (Publisher)". I would like it to remain like that. But I want to copy the publisher information to the PUBLISHER field. Without removing that information for the album field.


Album: Album Name (Publisher)


Album: Album Name (Publisher)
Publisher: Publisher

How can I achieve this without changing the current contents of the ALBUM field?


I am not sure that it goes with just one action but the result will feel like it.
First action:
Guess value for ALBUM
Guessing pattern: %album% (%publisher%)
Now the information for publisher is moved from album to publisher.

So you need a second action: Format value for ALBUM
Formatting string: %album% (%publisher%)
If you put these 2 actions into one action group, you will see the result just as you wanted it.

Action: Guess values
Source format: %ALBUM%
Guessing pattern: %DUMMY% (%PUBLISHER%)