Splitting tracks into folders according to disc number

I recently sorted some music files into this hierarchy genre>artist>album>track. In the process, I pulled all tracks from different disc folders (CD1, CD2) and merged them into one album folder during renaming and organisation of the folder structure. Tags for disc numbers are present, and I'm looking to split multidisc album tracks into separate folders (Disc 1, Disc 2..) within the already existing album folder without renaming the files, as I already did this. I would like to only split tracks from multidisc albums, ignoring albums with no disc number tag or showing Disc 1/1. What is the best way to go about the above scenario?

Filter for files that have a discnumber:
%discnumber% PRESENT AND NOT %discnumber% IS "1/1"
then use
Format string: CD$num(%discnumber%,1)\%_filename%

Any way to extend this to albums that are tagged as just being Disc 1 but are not really multidisc albums?

Just leave out everything after the "AND".

For some strange reason using this format string points the destination as a different folder called "Disturbed". Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

Currently, the result preview shows up as:
"Y:( done )\asta\fixed\10cc(2006) Greatest Hits... and More\01 - Johnny Don't Do It.mp3" ->
"Y:( done )\asta\fixed\Disturbed\CD2\01 - Johnny Don't Do It.mp3"

as opposed to how I'd like it to be:
"Y:( done )\asta\fixed\10cc(2006) Greatest Hits... and More\CD2\01 - Johnny Don't Do It.mp3"

Finally got round to making it work by selecting the individual album folder instead of selecting multiple folders with several album folders nested inside.

the above string works flawlessly with this approach.

If the relative path does not work, you have to use an absolute path with drive letter and all the other components like %albumartist%

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