Splitting various entries of a field

I have a list of 40.000 songs. In the composer field I have included the names of both composers and lyricists. Could you please let me know how to split them using the composer and lyricist fields.

Now : Composer field AAA\\BBB
I want them as follows :

  • composer field : AAA
  • lyricist field : BBB
    Thanks in advance

As the double-backslash is also an indicator for a multi-value field, we first have to clarify if you have two composer fields, one filled with "AAA" and the other with "BBB": open the extended tags dialogue to see if there are 2 composer fields.

If you have 2 composer fields, then apply an action of the type "Merge duplicate fields" for COMPOSER first and use a unique separator like the underscore _ as separator.
As a result of this step you should have only 1 composer field with the contents

For this COMPOSER field you apply an action of the type "Import field (Guess value)":
Guessing pattern: %composer%_%lyricist%

You can join both actions in an action group and execute them in one go.

Great!!!! Thanks a lot